Modern Water Gains Momentum Across The Group

New Equipment

Momentum going into the end of 2020 has carried on unabated into 2021. We have new equipment rolling off production lines on three continents to meet demand across the Microtox and MicroTrace range.  The production runs, worth $5m, includes upgrades and enhancements. Software has been updated for better collection and optimisation of data for AI. New Chinese interfaces have been designed for the Microtox LX and FX ranges. Equipment and reagents are calibrated for optimum use. Read more here.

New Solutions

We continue to build on our smart water initiative with new partners and new products being integrated to create real-time monitoring of water systems. These include Microsaic systems, mass spectroscopy-based identification systems and the Aptamer Group with whom we’re developing a range of binders to detect contaminants of concern and forever chemicals. Read more here.

New Labs

We’re also getting access to new CL3 level labs at our York UK facility. New services for Modern Water clients will include standard tests associated with dangerous pathogens, including contagious infections as well as community detection of opioids. Future services will include real-time monitoring and identification of small and large molecules within the pharmaceutical sector during bio-processing. Retrofitting has begun with Modern Water equipment to add to the range of real-time surveillance services in Water Quality Monitoring. Read more here.

The best form of flattery is imitation – Microtox and MicroTrace

The Microtox and MicroTrace range of analysers and reagents have been produced by Modern Water for nearly three decades. We are proud that we have almost 3,000 sites in 60 countries and are recognised as the gold standard and in many cases the regulatory standard.  These trademarks are protected and we are taking steps to build upon these great legacies: To make them bigger and better, and protect them.  If you are unsure if a company/distributor is accredited to sell you products from our MicroTrace and Microtox equipment and reagent range, please contact us. See more information about Genuine Microtox Reagents:

Don’t forget our Special Offer

Special online introductory offer from the start of April 2021 to the end of June 2021. We are reducing prices of Microtox Acute and Solo reagents by 25% as customers transition to our online platform.

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