Modern Water Ezine, Summer 2021

Welcome to the Modern Water Summer Ezine. Please see below for all the information included:

  • Microtox Helps Oil and Gas Producers Protect Critical Water Supplies
  • Upgrade Offer – Microtox M500 Analyzers
  • Upgrade Offer – Deltatox Analyzers
  • Modern Water to Qingdao International Water Conference

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Microtox Helps Oil and Gas Producers Protect Critical Water Supplies

Modern Water’s Microtox® technology has been used extensively by drilling companies and their suppliers to test the toxicity of drilling muds and fluids. The innovative technology based on bioluminescence offers rapid toxicity screening and analysis. The test provides highly accurate results and has been tested on over 2,700 chemicals.

Modern Water’s Microtox technology assists drillers and their key suppliers in three areas.·

  • Regulatory Compliance – Microtox technology has a proven track record of assisting drillers in compliance with local regulations regarding the disposal of drilling fluids
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – Leading oil well completion companies have incorporated Microtox technology into their drilling muds management programs
  • The development of more environmentally friendly drilling fluids

Trade-In Offer –Microtox M500 Analyzers

Trade-in your Microtox M500 and save $4,000 when you purchase a Microtox LX Analyzer!

Existing Microtox M500 analyzer customers can trade in their M500 analyzer to save on purchasing a new Microtox LX analyzer. The new Microtox LX offers the reliability of the M500 with several new features, including automatic colour correction, fully cooled read wells and a brand new tablet interface.

Contact your local Modern Water representative to learn how you can bring the benefits and performance of the Microtox LX to your laboratory at significant savings!

Trade-In Offer – Microtox Deltatox Analyzers

Trade-in your Deltatox and save $3,000 when you purchase a Microtox FX Analyzer!

Existing Deltatox analyzer customers can trade in their Deltatox analyzer to save on buying a new Microtox FX analyzer. The Microtox® FX is a portable toxicity analyzer that is used for acute toxicity screening and adenosine triphosphate (ATP ) testing, Microtox® FX uses bioluminescence technology to screen for contamination in instances of drinking water emergencies and chemical spills into water systems.

Contact your local Modern Water representative to learn how you can bring the benefits and performance of the Microtox FX to your laboratory at significant savings!

Please contact Modern Water for additional information on its full range of analytical equipment.

Modern Water Presentation at Qingdao International Water Conference

Modern Water attended, exhibited and presented at the Qingdao International Water Conference in China this week. The conference gathered over 2,300 leaders, experts, and professionals in the water treatment industry, with more than 300 important guest speakers discussing business opportunities and technology development strategies for the environmental protection industry against the backdrop of the global water crisis.

The conference consisted of 5 keynote themes and 30 special sessions, referencing 380+ authoritative professional reports. This annual event has developed into the largest, highest level, most influential, and professional exhibition for the water industry in the Asian-Pacific region.

Modern Water represented at CIEPEC Beijing

The team also represented Modern Water at the China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference in Beijing this July. This conference was exclusively organized by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) and is the most prestigious environmental show in China as well as the world’s most famous event for environmental technologies, products and services.

With 35 years of continuing efforts, CIEPEC has been playing an important role in assisting the government to pursue environmental strategies, policies, investment plans and to guide market development. Besides a number of top domestic enterprises, a multitude of exhibitors from North America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries and regions participated in CIEPEC. CIEPEC is regarded as the best platform to exchange leading-edge environmental innovations, explore business development opportunities and obtain first-hand information on the environmental market in China.

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