Next Generation of Water Management Technology


ecowaterOS is an always-connected platform, delivering real and near-time data on water state from sensors.

This data is delivered to stakeholders in a usable, understandable and contextually aware fashion, while also unlocking millions of completely new data points to unearth new and better ways to manage water issues.

ecowaterOS solves the following:

  • Difficulties with current solutions that can be hard to understand
  • Current solutions often contain information that is often out of date
  • Current solutions are often proprietary, doing little to encourage and support joined up thinking


ecowaterOS is a smart solution platform to support SMEs and developers in creating the next generation of digital water internet services.

It is designed as the main ecosystem for smart water initiatives for cross-domain data exchange/cooperation.

Modern plug and play infrastructure:

  • Designed specifically for the water sector
  • Open source, interoperable and standardised interfaces
  • Built for the water sector end-users (cities, water utilities, water authorities) and solution providers (private utilities, SMEs, developers)


The platform uses AI and Machine-Learning to improve data from multiple sources, including user-generated data.

This data is displayed in intuitive interfaces built on key features such as next-generation maps, hydrology, weather, etc.

Designed to improve and learn:

  • Designed to continuously evolve, improve and learn
  • Brings together multiple new technologies to create efficient water and environmental protection
  • Live updates to ensure that sensitive areas and marine wildlife can be identified and managed, while allowing carbon footprints to be measured and offset


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ecowaterOS to bring the biggest changes to water management in a century.