Innovative Solutions that Improve Corrosion Prevention and Drilling Fluid Management

Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) costs the oil and gas industry billions of dollars each year.


  • Toxicity in produced water
  • Trace metals in fracking
  • Toxicity in fracking
  • SRB in pipeline corrosion
  • ATP
  • Oil Sands Toxicity
  • TPH/ VOCs in discharge
  • Pipeline and storage leakage
  • Major pollution incidents

Typically one of the factors driving high costs and a cause of considerable frustration for corrosion engineers is the necessity to determine the presence of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB).

Modern Water’s QuickChek SRB test kit is designed for on-site use and makes SRB identification easy in a field portable kit. The SRB test kit does not require pipetting or serial dilution with the quantitative detection of the APS-reductase enzyme only present in SRB. This testing can help to prevent souring of product due to elevated hydrogen sulfide gas by offering real-time determination of biocide treatment decisions.

ATP is the first step in the biocide treatment decision tree. The presence of ATP could indicate the presence of MIC causing agents. Microtox ATP analysis can provide test results in less than 15 minutes and assess biocide effectiveness.

Both above technologies give an added level of verification for the presence of bacteria.

QuickChek SRB Detection Accurate, Fast and Reliable
Quickchek SRB vs Culture Media Tests and QPCR

Rapid Assessment of Fluid Toxicity is Critical To An Effective Drilling Muds Program

Modern Water’s Microtox® technology has been used extensively by drilling companies and their suppliers to test the toxicity of drilling muds and fluids.The innovative technology based on bioluminescence offers rapid toxicity screening and analysis.The test provides extremely accurate results and has been tested on over 2700 chemicals.

Modern Water’s Microtox technology assists drillers and their key suppliers in four areas.

  • Regulatory Compliance – Microtox technology has a proven track record of assisting drillers in compliance with local regulations regarding the disposal of drilling fluids.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency – leading oil well completion companies have incorporated
  • Microtox technology into their drilling muds management programs.
  • Development of more environmentally friendly drilling fluids

Solutions for Drilling Mud and Drilling Fluid Toxicity Testing

Our innovative Quickcheck SRB test kit complies with ASTM D8243-19 and is easy to use, requires no expensive equipment and provides faster and more reliable results when compared to conventional culture tests. In an independent study done by an external lab, the QuickChek SRB performed as good as or better than both the well-known culture method and the more costly qPCR methods. Learn more about our Quickcheck SRB test kit by clicking on the following link to our new SRB Test Kit video.

QuickChek SRB Test Kit:

Product Description What does it detect?
Microtox® LX Laboratory-based toxicity luminometer that utilises the Microtox® bio-luminescent bacteria Acute toxic compounds
Microtox® FX Portable toxicity luminometer that utilises the Microtox® bio-luminescent bacteria or ATP reagents Acute toxic compounds and ATP
Dow Traceable Polymer Test Kit Immunoassay strip test Accent and Optidose free polymer
QuickChek® SRB Immunoassay tube, strip and plate test APS reductase common in all forms of sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB)
MicroTrace PDV Portable metal monitor Trace metals in water
OVA7100 On-line metal monitor Broad range of metals