Trace (heavy) metals are typically concentrated in scrubber liquors generated in gas scrubbing systems and flue gas condesate.


  • Metals in flue gas scrubber
  • SRB in cooling water
  • ATP/ toxicity in cooling water
  • VOC in wastewater discharge
  • PAHs in ash
  • PCBs in contaminated land

Our trace metal product range includes the portable MicroTrace PDV and the two on-line, continuous systems: the OVA7100 and OVA7100 Dual Cell. The portable instrument is used effectively for spot sampling or as a cost effective lab instrument. The online OVAs can provide effective, realtime monitoring to prevent accidental illegal discharge or to protect sensitive treatment processes.

Our technology is robust and reliable, can be operated by technicians anywhere in the world and is relatively low maintenance. The portable, laboratory and online systems have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use, enabling customers to monitor pollutant levels, optimise their processes, minimise damage to the environment and protect the health of employees and communities at large.

Product Description What does it detect?
EnviroGard®Microcystins  Immunoassay plate kit Microcystins
QuickChek® SRB Immunoassay test kit APS reductase common in all sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB)
OVA7100 DualCell On-line metal monitor Broad range of metals
OVA7100 On-line metal monitor Broad range of metals
MicroTrace PDV Portable metal monitor Trace metals
Luminultra ATP 2nd generation ATP test kits Total bacteria (ATP)