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Modern Water is a broad based membrane systems specialist, offering a range of innovative water and industrial water treatment membrane solutions and products. Our business model includes direct sales as well as licensing of our advanced processes.

Since our inception in 2006, Modern Water has been at the forefront of membrane process innovation. The company has been an industry pioneer in the area of forward osmosis and has established itself as a world-leader in the field having implemented full scale forward osmosis desalination projects operating in some of the most demanding seawater conditions in the world. At this time we have deployed Forward Osmosis processes to produce both desalinated water and evaporative cooling make-up water, with operational sites in Oman and Gibraltar. Modern Water is currently the only company in the world with a fully commercial Forward Osmosis desalination plant which is located at Al Najdah in Oman.

The company has developed an extensive range of additional processes and products in the areas of make-up water production for evaporative cooling systems, thermal desalination, membrane brine concentration and other related membrane applications. This expertise extends to supporting and operating (where required) our packaged reverse osmosis systems.

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