The new Mobile Monitoring Unit (The Lab in a Van) from Modern Water brings laboratory-approved screening and analysis capabilities on the road — with real-time data and high-tech AI reporting capabilities from any location.

Modern Water’s ‘Lab in a Van’ is paving the way for mobile monitoring solutions. The Lab in a Van provides on-site results in real time, maximising productivity, cutting costs, and minimising waste. The Lab in a Van allows utilities to extend their reach into smaller sites for more granular ‘last mile’ surveillance, enabling local authorities and private companies to protect citizens and customers by monitoring for Covid and a range of additional pathogens, including Forever Chemicals.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time detection of specific viral presence in the community at source,
  • Zero transport costs of non-virus confirmed samples, and
  • Variant testing only on confirmed viruses at laboratory


For Trace/Heavy Metal monitoring the Lab in a Van is equipped with Modern Water’s OVA online Trace Metals OVA and portable PDV analysers, a Microsaic Systems Mass Spectrometer and offers a platform for the identification of many more contaminants.

For Toxicity monitoring, the Lab in a Van features Modern Water’s innovative and ISO9001 certified Microtox® technology:

  • Microtox® LX Toxicity test system in the industry standard for laboratory-based rapid toxicity screening and analysis.
  • Microtox® FX is the portable, acute toxicity analyser used with the Microtox® technology.
  • Microtox® CTM is a site-based, broad range Continous Toxicity Monitor for detection of toxicity events in real-time allowing for control decisions to be made on site.

With the emergence of Covid-19, public health monitoring for pathogens such as Covid-19 became significantly important. With this, Modern Water redeveloped the Microtox PD.

Microtox PD is a real-time optofluidic wastewater community surveillance system for Covid-19 and other pathogens. The Microtox PD range will effectively detect chemicals and other substances at lower molecule levels. With 100% specificity, it can zero in on substances that were not measurable or may be newly introduced. Future proofing for pandemics, the system can be adapted and deployed to detect future viruses.

The Microtox PD provides solutions to fulfil regulatory responsibilities as it is used for contaminant monitoring and emergent contaminant monitoring in water.


Maxus LWB High Roof Diesel

Roof Mounted Solar Panel
Internal Gel Battery Pack for Remote Working
External Power Point for Mains Power or Generator
Internal Power Cables and Inverter for 24v and 12v operation
Heat and Sound insulation throughout
Rear Wet room, for boots, overall and water storage tanks etc.
1 x -20 Degrees Freezer
1 x CTM installed
1 x OVA Single
Electrical Outlets: 3 x USB and Sockets
Storage for 1 x LX, 1 x FX, and 1 x PDV6000

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