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Trace/Heavy Metals

  • Modern Water is expert in the design, development and provision of analytical instruments for monitoring trace/ heavy metals in water, soil, food and industrial process streams.

    Our systems use solid state electrodes to perform voltammetry for the analysis of metals in solution.
    The MicroTrace OVA7100 and OVA7100 Dual Cell is robust and reliable, can be operated by technicians anywhere in the world and is relatively low maintenance. The portable, laboratory and online systems have a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use, enabling customers to monitor pollutant levels, optimise their processes, minimise damage to the environment and protect the health of employees and communities at large.
    Applications include:
    • Academic research
    • Accidental contamination events
    • Contaminated land remediation
    • Drinking water intake and distribution
    • Food and feed analysis
    • Groundwater monitoring/natural attenuation
    • Industrial effluent monitoring
    • Monitoring at remote locations
    • Monitoring of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, seawater
    • Tracing contamination back to source
    • Wastewater recycling and WWTP influent monitoring


    MicroTrace OVA7100 Online
    MicroTrace OVA7100 Dual Cell Online
    MicroTrace PDV Portable and laboratory


  • The MicroTrace OVA7100 and OVA7100 Dual Cell are fully automated on-line metal monitors to provide continuous or intermittent monitoring of metals in process streams, effluent discharges, river and potable water.

    The OVA7100 and OVA7100 Dual Cell utilise internationally recognised voltammetry (ASV and CSV) technology, which provides quick and accurate determination of metals at the micrograms per litre (ppb) level, directly comparable with laboratory analysis using AAS or ICP.
    They can provide real-time monitoring of several concurrent sample streams, configured to individual customer requirements. Sample pre-treatment may include digestion for elimination of potential interferences, although ASV is not affected by aluminium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine or other salts, often present in industrial samples which can cause problems with other analysis methods.
    Modern Water's OVA7100 can be fitted with a variety of options for pre-treatment and sampling to enable accurate analysis of most types of water. Click here for more information about our range of accessories.

    Applications include:
    • 24 hour monitoring of up to 3 sample streams in effluent or (6 in drinking water)
    • Pre-treatment options of acid/UVdigest to eliminate interferences and allow total and dissolved concentrations to be monitored
    • Modular construction
    • Results stored on solid-state internal memory
    • Programmable alarm outputs for out-of-range samples or system faults
    • Solid electrodes – no hazardous elemental mercury
  • Measuring trace metals in water, soil and food has always been a vital part of modern environmental monitoring.

    Voltammetry offers an internationally accepted alternative to laboratory analysis or automatic samplers. Modern Water’s MicroTrace PDV provides better on-site characterisation, with pollution hot spots and contamination sources more easily identified.
    Modern Water’s tried and tested metal monitors have been market leaders for over twenty years. They provide an easy way to generate and store real-time data, which allows real-time decision-making. Our MicroTrace PDV can be more cost-effective than laboratory analysis and it can be used “stand-alone” or on a computer with our powerful VAS software.
    Key Features:
    • Multiple, sequential metal analysis when using VAS
    • AC or rechargeable battery for onsite use
    • Pre-treatment methods of acid/UV digest to eliminate interferences
    • Solid-state robust electrodes and stand provided
    • Detection limits below 1ppb, (depending on sample)
    • Report generation capability with VAS software
  • Typical limits of detection for PDV and OVA monitors.

    Metal Metal Name PDV (portable analyser) OVA (on-line analyser)
    Ag Silver 0.5μg/l 5μg/l
    As(III) Arsenic (III) 0.5μg/l 1.5μg/l
    As(total) Arsenic 0.5μg/l 2μg/l
    Au Gold 2μg/l  5μg/l
    Bi Bismuth 2μg/l -
    Cd Cadmium 0.5μg/l 0.3μg/l
    Co Cobalt 10μg/l (1 μg/l *) 10μg/l
    Cr(VI) Chromium (VI) 5μg/l (1μg/l *) 10μg/l
    Cr(total) Chromium  10 μg/l 10μg/l**
    Cu Copper 0.5μg/l 0.5μg/l
    Fe Iron 5μg/l 10μg/l
    Hg Mercury 0.1μg/l 0.5μg/l
    Mn Manganese 2μg/l 10μg/l
    Mo Molybdenum 1μg/l* 1μg/l
    Ni Nickel 5μg/l 7μg/l
    Pb Lead 0.5μg/l 1μg/l
    Pd Palladium 5μg/l 5μg/l
    Sb(III) Antimony (III) 5μg/l 5μg/l
    Se(IV) Selenium (IV) 5μg/l 10μg/l
    Sn Tin 5μg/l 5μg/l
    Te Tellurium 10μg/l 10μg/l
    TI Thallium 2μg/l 0.5μg/l
    U Uranium 1μg/l* 5μg/l
    Zn Zinc 0.5μg/l 10μg/l
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