Typical limits of detection for PDV and OVA monitors.

Metal Metal Name PDV (portable analyser) OVA (on-line analyser)
Ag Silver 0.5μg/l 5μg/l
As(III) Arsenic (III) 0.5μg/l 1.5μg/l
As(total) Arsenic 0.5μg/l 2μg/l
Au Gold 2μg/l 5μg/l
Bi Bismuth 2μg/l
Cd Cadmium 0.5μg/l 0.3μg/l
Co Cobalt 10μg/l (1 μg/l *) 10μg/l
Cr(VI) Chromium (VI) 5μg/l (1μg/l *) 10μg/l
Cr(total) Chromium 10 μg/l 10μg/l**
Cu Copper 0.5μg/l 0.5μg/l
Fe Iron 5μg/l 10μg/l
Hg Mercury 0.1μg/l 0.5μg/l
Mn Manganese 2μg/l 10μg/l
Mo Molybdenum 1μg/l* 1μg/l
Ni Nickel 5μg/l 7μg/l
Pb Lead 0.5μg/l 1μg/l
Pd Palladium 5μg/l 5μg/l
SV(III) Antimony (III) 5μg/l 5μg/l
Se(IV) Selenium (IV) 5μg/l 10μg/l
Sn Tin 5μg/l 5μg/l
Te Tellurium 10μg/l 10μg/l
TI Thallium 2μg/l 0.5μg/l
U Uranium 1μg/l* 5μg/l
Zn Zinc 0.5μg/l 10μg/l