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China Cleans Up!

China cleans up: for years Jinling Town in Shandong Province did not have adequate measures in place for pollution treatment, even though the town was surrounded by factories, resulting in serious environmental pollution in the local area. Following the adoption of some pollution control measures, the NGO “MyH2O” tested the local drinking water using professional testing instruments, including Modern Water plc’s PDV 6000Ultra. The team sampled tap water, drinking spring water and surface water, finding that low levels of Cu and Pb were present in local rivers as well as heavy metal pollution. More than one metal was found in the surface water. Heavy metals do not degrade but only change their state or form complexes or chelates with anionic ligands. Modern Water plc is proud that its instruments are being used to help people understand quality of their water and raise awareness of pollution control and public health. The project confirms once again the portability and stability of Modern Water plc’s PDV 6000Ultra – for more please click here. Follow us on social media: LinkedIn Twitter @modern_water

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