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A recent article from Earth & Space Science News (the article) highlights the growing issue of chemical contamination of critical water supplies due to natural disasters. The toxic chemicals inadvertently released pose immediate and long term health risk to the affected population. Modern Water offers an easy to use, field-portable chemical toxicity analyzer, the Microtox FX, that can quickly screen for the presence of 2,700 toxic chemicals and compounds..

The Microtox FX analyzer can be taken to in the field to any body of water and provide toxicity results in 20 minutes. Microtox® FX’s acute toxicity and ATP detection capabilities make it the ideal instrument for rapidly and accurately assessing if the quality of drinking water, from the source to the tap, Learn more about the Microtox FX here.

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Modern Water is a pioneering and innovative technology company, specialising in membrane water treatment solutions and advanced monitoring products. Modern Water is an AIM listed Water Technology Group that was established in 2006 by IP Group Plc to develop and commercialise IP and technologies related to the treatment of water.