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Our remediation test kits be a part of training and use in Cameroon

Modern Water Inc. is pleased to have our remediation test kits be a part of training and use in Cameroon, Africa. The chlordane test kits have been used for a project that has spanned over 18 months. This field test kit offers the ability to obtain accurate results in a remote field setting. The Cameroon volunteers are working with a US Environmental Contractor to identify the areas where there are high levels of chlordane contaminated soil. The rapid kit results will allow removal of the most highly contaminated areas and clean-up of those areas with less contamination. Additional testing is planned over the next few weeks to continue to measure this persistent chlorinated pesticide. With no fixed laboratories available in the area, Modern Water chlordane test kits made it possible to remediate an area that otherwise would have remained contaminated and posed a threat to those living near the site.

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