Covid 19 has focussed water authorities all over the world on the vulnerability of water ways to contamination and led to a surge of increased surveillance and monitoring.

We are experiencing unprecedented demand for our products as a result especially from customers on the frontline in China, Italy, Spain and France.

We have significantly increased production capabilities across the board to meet demand.

We have raised significant new investment to gives us the means to invest in the business and step up as our customers require.

We have announced new manufacturing and logistics arrangements with Integumen PLC in the UK which gives us access to new lab production facilities and microbiologists as well as European distribution to supplement our N American operations.

We have revamped our website to integrate a full eCommerce and logistics solution. This allows you to order reagents and keep you informed of production and shipping schedules.

As mentioned, we have seen major increases in the demand for products, especially our water contamination detection consumables. This is significantly connected to the global COVID-19 public health crisis. The Chinese Government has mandated increased stepping up of monitoring as part of Directives from its Department of epidemiology.


In February 2020, microbiologists at Dutch research institute KWR conducted a series of RNA-analyses at municipal waste-water treatment plants (‘WWTP’) in the Netherlands. Significantly, their analyses showed the presence of RNA gene fragments of the COVID-19 virus in the influent water. According to KWR, the screening of the COVID-19 virus at municipal WWTPs could become an important containment step, being used to signal new outbreaks in advance and play an important role in tracking and curtailing the pace and evolution of the pandemic.

Rapid and rigorous sewage screening could potentially provide both national and local authorities with a clearer picture of the virus circulation, the resultant pace of infection and the effectiveness of measures designed to protect wider populations. Moreover, recognition of the continuing vulnerability of human populations to such global pandemics, as has been demonstrated by the uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 even after the current peak infection rate has passed – governments will almost certainly be forced to adopt new, long-term means for early detection.

Recognising that the pandemic appears to still be in a relatively early stage of its evolution and anticipating the likely need for more permanent and rigorous “Early Warning” contamination detection programmes through government intervention and regulation, we are now ideally positioned to enter a long-term period of heightened demand for both our equipment and the associated supply of reagents. Increased production facilities are now operating in the UK along with our existing facilities in Delaware, USA ensuring we are prepared for any major increase in demand over the coming months.

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