Modern Water Monitoring recently received an order for its MicroTrace OVA 7100 Dual Series analyzer from a major mining company located in Peru. The MicroTrace OVA will be used to monitor effluent water used for 8 hazardous trace metals including arsenic, cadmium, iron, and selenium.

The MicroTrace OVA is a fully automated on-line metal monitor, developed as a modular system, to provide continuous or intermittent monitoring of metals in process streams, effluent discharges, river and potable water. The OVA is based on internationally recognized voltammetry (ASV and CSV) technology, which provides quick and accurate determination of metals at the micrograms per liter level, directly comparable with laboratory analysis using AAS or ICP.

Modern Water’s MicroTrace OVA 9100 trace metal analyzers help mining operators worldwide avoid costly fines by staying in compliance with regulatory discharge limits.

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