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Protecting One of the World’s Most Critical Assets

The global water crisis is essentially too much population contributing too much pollution into too little water aggravated by the climate crisis. Water scarcity is a pervasive problem and includes megadroughts, such as in the south and west of the US and in China, with only 25% of the global average water resources per capita and where agriculture consumes 60% of the total water and in some areas as much as 90%.

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Source: The United Nations World Water Development Report 2020

A 2020 United Nations report highlights that global water use has increased by a factor of six over the past 100 years and continues to grow steadily at a rate of about 1% per year, as a result of increasing population, economic development and shifting consumption patterns.

With 4 billion people experiencing water stress at some point each year the situation is likely to get worse in combination with erratic and uncertain supply due to climate change. Physical water scarcity is often perceived as a seasonal phenomenon, rather than a chronic one, but climate change is causing shifts in seasonal water availability. As a result, intelligent water use and recycling will become even more critical over the next decade.

Chart showing global water consumption over 10 years

Sustainability and the recovery of water consumption in a circular economy already play an important role, either via regulated conditions or through the independent need to manage access to water resources for industry. Such is the case in the 2020 completion of a zero liquid discharge installation by Modern Water, in partnership with Advent Envirocare Technology, India for a client operating production facilities on 4 continents.

Modern Water All-Membrane Brine Concentration Plant

Modern Water All-Membrane Brine Concentration (“AMBC”) plant that significantly reduces the cost of Zero Liquid Discharge Plants.

Modern Water is dedicated to developing innovative new solutions that enable the preservation of water, one of the world’s most critical resources. Now, as a part of Deepverge PLC, Modern Water is developing the next generation of water quality monitoring products with the addition of AI data analytics for the identification of pathogens, toxic chemicals and trace metals and in real-time. This will enable more intelligent management of water resources by water management bodies.

Modern Water joins organisations worldwide in highlighting the need to protect one of the world’s most valuable resources on UN World Water Day on March 22.

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