Expert Panel Discussion On What Our Water Is Trying To Tell Us

Modern Water, the environmental division of DeepVerge, is pleased to announce its participation as a leading sponsor and panel host at the Reuters IMPACT virtual global conference, 4-7 October 2021. The conference is focused on mobilising global business to deliver on climate change and Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge is hosting a panel to discuss ‘What’s our water trying to tell us, a global perspective’.

Reuters IMPACT Vitual Global Conference:

In our COVID-19 world today, 3 billion people lack basic handwashing facilities at home, 2.3 billion lack safely managed drinking water and 4.2 billion lack safely managed sanitation (2030 WRG ). Globally, an estimated 80% of all industrial and municipal wastewater is released into the environment without any prior treatment, with detrimental effects on human health and ecosystems (WWAP, 2017 ). This ratio is much higher in least developed countries, where sanitation and wastewater treatment facilities are grossly lacking.

Businesses must take a leading role in creating access to a clean, reliable and sustainable supply of water. The solutions lie in committing to four sets of actions to tackle the water crisis – Water monitoring, Water management, Water stewardship and Water advocacy.

How Have These Evolved And What Is Next For Business?

A panel of leading experts will look to address global issues from clean fresh water to the monitoring of wastewater for the detection of pathogens that lead to diseases derived from poor industry protocols in order to prevent future health crises.

Gerard Brandon, DeepVerge plc CEO commented:

“I am honoured to be joined today by such prestigious and knowledgeable experts from four continents across the world. We see the impact of climate change, disease and industrial chemicals in our water. Each of us here are seeking individual solutions to the challenges we face, but only by collective collaboration, cooperation and partnership that we can find a way forward together. Our combined expertise includes analysis of drinking and wastewater data, contamination detection, filtration to achieve zero liquid discharge, recycling, desalination with installations of equipment in more than 100 countries stretching over four decades. Our objective is to work together with Governments, municipal, industry bodies and companies to provide the latest equipment and upgrade existing installations to monitor water in real-time and to provide the translation service of what water is telling us about what is needed to help change the way in which we address water and wastewater for current and future health crises, and the health of the planet.”

What’s Our Water Trying to Tell Us, a Global Perspective Panellists

Ajay Popat

Ajay Popat is CEO of Ion Exchange India which provides environment solutions nationally and regionally covering water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management and the generation of energy from waste. Specialists in water and wastewater treatment for over four decades, Ion Exchange has US$200M in revenues and nearly 3,000 staff. By creating quantifiable benefits for customers, they demonstrate how efficient water management is a critical value investment.

Ajay is actively involved with Industry and Trade Associations and is currently Chairman of the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) Water & Sustainability Council, Chair of the CII council on New Technologies , Vice President of the Water Quality Association of India and serves on the boards of the Process Plant Machinery of India and Indian Environment Associations.

Dr. Andrew Engeli

Dr. Andrew Engeli joined the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) in May 2020 and is the Deputy-Director for Innovation and Partnerships and Environmental Monitoring for Health Protection (EMHP). The JBC is the data and analytics arm of the NHS Test and Trace Programme and is entrusted with providing rigorous and quality assured data-driven insights to Ministers, policy makers, and the public health community.

Prior to joining the JBC, Andrew worked in both the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Cabinet Office. At ONS, he led the policy and engagement teams for the Secure Research Service and set up the Assured Organisational Connectivity scheme allowing researchers remote access to administrative data under secure conditions.

Jeanne Holm

Jeanne Holm, Deputy Mayor of Budget and Innovation for the City of Los Angeles, works at the cross-section of civic innovation, open data, and education. She is the Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation at the City of Los Angeles, working on issues ranging from homelessness to digital equity technology innovation, data and analytics, fiscal transparency, and public-private partnerships.

As a senior consultant with the World Bank, she worked with governments throughout the world to build robust open data ecosystems and ensure transparency. She was the Evangelist for open data for the U.S. White House, leading collaboration and building communities on with the public, educators, developers, and international and state governments in using open government data. She was the Chief Knowledge Architect at NASA, driving innovation through social media, virtual worlds, gaming, and collaborative systems, including the award-winning NASA public portal ( She is a Fellow of the United Nations International Academy of Astronautics, Distinguished Instructor at UCLA, is a Trustee with Claremont Graduate University, and leads a start-up on education and social justice.

Tian Zemin

Tian Zemin, Deputy General Manager of China Resources Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. served as assistant director of environment, health and safety department of China Resources Group; Director of environmental protection of environmental health and safety department of China Resources Group; General manager of China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co. Mr. Tian is a senior engineer and holds a master’s degree in power engineering from Huazhong University of science and technology and a master’s degree in Business Administration for senior managers from the China Europe International Business School. He joined the group in 2002.

Reuters IMPACT Vitual Global Conference:

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