The planet is in trouble. Humanity’s health is in trouble. One of the main ways the environment is telling us this is in the information we can glean from wastewater systems. Monitoring our wastewater has massive implications on human health and on environmental health. The ability to detect Covid and other pathogens (norovirus, influenza etc.) in our water and wastewater massively benefits governments and public health bodies and, in the end, all of society.

Modern Water has ground breaking technologies that can listen and understand these messages and turn them into actionable information for the world’s stakeholders. We apply AI to data from analytical instruments for the remote analysis and identification, in real-time, of dangerous materials and pathogens in wastewater treatment plants, drinking water, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.


Modern Water is pleased to announce its participation as a leading sponsor and panel host at the Reuters IMPACT virtual global conference, 4-7 October 2021. The conference is focused on mobilising global business to deliver on climate change and Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge is hosting a panel to discuss ‘What’s our water trying to tell us, a global perspective’.

Panel discussion: Oct 6th from 14.20 – 14.50

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In our COVID-19 world today, 3 billion people lack basic handwashing facilities at home, 2.3 billion lack safely managed drinking water and 4.2 billion lack safely managed sanitation (2030 WRG ). Globally, an estimated 80% of all industrial and municipal wastewater is released into the environment without any prior treatment, with detrimental effects on human health and ecosystems (WWAP, 2017 ). This ratio is much higher in least developed countries, where sanitation and wastewater treatment facilities are grossly lacking.

Businesses must take a leading role in creating access to a clean, reliable and sustainable supply of water. The solutions lie in committing to four sets of actions to tackle the water crisis – Water monitoring, Water management, Water stewardship and Water advocacy.

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