Detects SARS-CoV-2 and a range of pathogens at local, regional and national levels.

New service bridges gap between real-time detection and variant identification where people gather.

Modern Water, a division of Deepverge (AIM: DVRG) announces the completion and launch of the 3rd generation compact Microtox® PD COVID detection system in the first quarter of 2022. The upgraded Microtox® PD system significantly expands pandemic surveillance capabilities to towns, villages, hospitals, hotels, ports, locations where large groups of people gather, extending the reach of real-time national pandemic response to local community level.


MWMS is positioned as a critical new component in the armoury of national and provincial government response protocol. It allows utilities to extend their reach into smaller sites for more granular ‘last mile’ surveillance, enabling local authorities and private companies to protect citizens and customers by monitoring for COVID and a range of additional pathogens, including forever chemicals.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time detection of the virus in the community at source,
  • Zero transport costs of non-virus confirmed samples, and
  • Variant testing only on confirmed virus at the laboratory.

Gerry Brandon CEO of DeepVerge plc commented:

“Size, cost, reach and route to market have been heavily thought through with our new designs. The units are now smaller – allowing them to be installed for smaller populations; mobile – allowing them to be taken to where populations gather; mass producible – allowing more affordability for customers; and just as importantly, available for new partner opportunities. We have also built into our business model the capability for these units to be manufactured and franchised to companies in the developing world, to be sold at locally affordable prices.

“Over the last 18 months, we recognised the potential of our tech for mass surveillance for the benefit of public health – from monitoring large populations down to individual monitoring. It is our vision for Microtox® PD to become a standard part of home or office utility and this latest generation model is a giant leap towards that vision being reality.”


The Microtox® BT equipment was also re-designed to deliver a portable, mobile testing unit to process breath tests at point of care. The established test protocols carried out at Labskin from test subjects provided by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for the early prototype and secured positive results. Regulatory approvals for human diagnostic equipment is evaluated on test equipment that will be used on humans. Therefore, roll out of the breath test is subject to meeting the satisfactory requirements of EU Regulatory approvals which will be carried out on the latest version of the Microtox® BT units. Further information on this will be provided in H1 2022.

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