Modern Water is very excited to announce that we have updated our key application notes related to out Microtox technology. Modern Water’s Microtox family of acute toxicity analyzers use proprietary bioluminescent bacteria to screen for the presence of 2,700 toxic chemicals and compounds. Toxic events can be detected  in less than 15 minutes allowing operators to take immediate action.

Microtox is considered the gold standard in acute toxicity testing delivering fast, reliable, and repeatable results. Only genuine Microtox analyzers and reagents are backed by over 650 peer-reviewed studies and 30 years of proven performance.

The following is a summary of each application note:

Managing the Discharge of Transported Waste with Microtox

This guide presents a practical method for implementing and maintaining a program that measures and controls transported waste discharge to a treatment plant  based on Microtox toxicity data (ASTM D-5560; Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 2009). By managing the discharge of transported waste, thus minimizing plant upsets and other operational problems, operating costs will be reduced.

Click to see ‘Managing the Discharge of Transported Waste with Microtox‘ application note.

How to Perform a Toxicity Reduction Evaluation (TRE) with the Microtox Acute Toxicity Test

This guide outlines a practical method for running inexpensive, non-mandated TREs in wastewater treatment plants. The studies produce information that can be used to hold toxicity levels below regulatory limits, avoiding expensive and disruptive mandated TREs.

Click to see ‘How to Perform a TRE with the Microtox Acute Toxicity Test‘ application note.

Using Microtox to Ensure the Quality of Treated Effluents

This guide describes how Microtox is effectively used to screen and monitor the quality of treated effluents and establish a Compliance Probability Range. This will allow the management of plant operations and will achieve and maintain effluent quality and allow the plant to remain in compliance with discharge permit limits.

Click to see the ‘Using Microtox to Ensure the Quality of Treated Effluents‘ application note.

POTW Operations: Managing Influent Streams with Microtox

This guide describes how Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) can use Microtox to control incoming toxicity by managing influent streams and setting local toxicity limits. The purpose of this program is to monitor and regulate the introduction of pollutants from non-domestic sources into POTWs to maintain smooth operations, minimize upsets, and maintain compliance.

Click to see ‘POTW Operations: Managing Influent Streams with Microtox‘ application note.

Modern Water has invented three different toxicity monitors that use bioluminescence; the Microtox CTM, a site based, broad range continuous toxicity monitor; the Microtox LX toxicity test system is the industry standard for laboratory-based rapid toxicity screening and analysis; and the Microtox FX, a portable acute toxicity analyzer. Learn more about Microtox technology here.

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