World Water Monitoring Day | September 18th 2022

Sunday 18th of September is World Water Monitoring Day. Water is essential to life as we know it. Not only does it make up most of the human body, but it’s also necessary for the survival of plants and animals. World Water Monitoring Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation. This day also marks the beginning of a month-long water monitoring initiative that invites people from all over the world to test their local water sources for traces of pollution. Modern Water works with water professionals to deliver clean, healthy water by applying advanced water monitoring technologies that detect trace metals, toxic chemicals and forever chemicals.

So why is important to raise awareness about this day?

According to the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), only 0.3 percent of the Earths water is usable by people. The remaining 99.7 percent is in the oceans, soils, icecaps, and the atmosphere. With only 0.3 percent usable, it is vital that this infinite source continues to be utilised. Modern Water’s water monitoring technologies ensure early and on-site detection of contaminants and pathogens in the Earth’s water.

Source water can be polluted by either accidental or purposeful contamination. Monitoring the quality of incoming source water allows drinking water to detect the unintentional or intentional release of harmful trace metals that can damage a person’s health or a drinking water plant.

Modern Water Monitoring offers two Microtox acute toxicity anaylzers that detect over 2,700 hazardous chemicals and compounds. The award-winning Microtox LX extends Modern Water’s leadership in acute toxicity testing. Municipalities and industrial companies worldwide have incorporated Microtox toxicity testing into their water safety testing protocols because of its accuracy, repeatability and ability to provide rapid results.

World Rivers Day | September 25th 2022

World Water Monitoring day is shortly followed by World Rivers day on September 25th. Modern Water is continuously using advanced water monitoring technology to detect toxicity,  environmental contaminants and in particular heavy trace metals.

Modern Water China demonstrated the importance of monitoring our rivers in a recent study of a thallium pollution incident on the Jialing River. The incident revealed to us that a smelter located in the tributary of the Yangtze River had leaked thallium due to irregular operations and emissions. The investigation department found that thallium was found in several ores used in the smelter, but its main source was by-products produced when smelting copper and zinc. MicroTrace PDV was used for the emergency monitoring and follow-up investigation of this pollution incident, which provided fast and accurate thallium data for the investigation team.

The MicroTrace PDV is a portable metal analyzer used in rivers, process streams, wastewater discharges, and drinking water. The MicroTrace PDV utilises internationally recognized voltammetry (ASV and CSV) techniques to determine metals quickly and accurately at micrograms per litre (ppb) levels, directly comparable to laboratory analysis using AAS or ICP. MicroTrace PDV is configured according to customer requirements and not affected by aluminium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, or other salts.

Modern Water is immensely proud that its technology drives safety for the environment and our population, from our Microtox water monitoring equipment and reagents through to our AMBC membrane treatments.

To learn more about Modern Water’s monitoring technology visit: Monitoring – Modern Water

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